7 Simple Tips to Help Maximize Your Closet Storage Space

Living in small spaces doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort and style. As more and more people are living in dense urban jungles, they learn to adapt and come up with solutions to make tiny spaces feel like a home just like any other.

And with small homes come small closets. Reach-in closets are common in small apartments and old houses. Shopaholics and people with a lot of stuff who are more used to walk-ins might be disappointed at the size of these closets, but there’s really no need to worry. With the right design and organization techniques, you can renovate that closet to fit your lifestyle. Here are a few basic tips to follow:

1. Get rid of your extra “stuff.”

Admit it. You won’t really wear that crocheted bulky sweater featuring a red-nosed reindeer your aunt got you for Christmas, or those horribly 80s-looking bridesmaid’s dresses you planned on remaking “someday.”

As with any organization projects, sort everything first. Get bins for “keep,” “discard,” “donate,” and “sell.” Go through each of your clothes and other knick knacks, then ask yourself if you love it or not. If you think you might have a bit of a hoarding mentality, ask a friend to help keep you focused and determined.

2. Roll-up your clothes.

Instead of folding your tops, t-shirts, and everyday clothes, roll it up to save more space. First, fold your clothes vertically – left and right, tuck loose sleeves, and then roll. It’s amazing how much space is left in your drawers with this technique.

3. Get the right containers.

Before going straight to the container store, measure the space in your closets first. Buying bins without knowing it would fit in your space would make your closet look cluttered. Also, look for bins with lids to prevent dust from accumulating on your stuff.

4. Choose your closet solutions wisely.

What do you do when you still have a lot of clothes to store? Consider getting some multi-tiered hangers to increase the hanging space in your closets. Instead of hanging one skirt, you can hang 10 in the same space. Add rods to your closet doors for extra storage. You can also get some open shelves that you can install yourself to house your bags or shoes.

5. Compartmentalize your drawers and storage.

Here you can make some creative DIY dividers for your drawers and storage. Use some foam boards or any sturdy material that’s easy to cut. The important thing is to measure the space before cutting, so everything would fit as planned. Putting some dividers in drawers would help keep everything in its place. Having separate compartments help you see, at a glance, what you have inside the closet.

6. Relocate or re-orient your rods.

You’re permanently stuck with that clothes rod, you know. Just because it’s been like that for ages, doesn’t mean you can’t change it. If the space permits, hang the rod higher so you can add another one on the bottom. You can also consider adding two more rods in a staggered orientation to get 3 levels instead of 1.

7. Organize according to your needs.

Finally, don’t follow every DIY video and how-to article out there. Cherry-pick what works for you. Organize your closet and then test it out for a few weeks. Try organizing your clothes by season, usage, or color. Find out what works and what don’t work. This will allow you to customize your closet accordingly.

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