Rental Truck and Transport

Before your items can reach any of our easily accessible self-storage units, you’ll first need to find a way to haul them there. That’s where our convenient rental truck service comes in. We understand the difficulty of transporting your belongings without the risk of damaging them. Our professional trucking service can help you move your things to any of our storage locations in a quick yet secure manner.

Abby’s Mini Storage provides door-to-door transportation for all types of items, whether it’s large furniture to delicate appliances and electronics. We make sure that all your possessions are properly secured before bringing them to your rented self-storage unit. Relocating and storing your belongings has never been simpler. If you live anywhere within Bakersfield, California, we provide quick transport for anyone that requires moving their items into any of our conveniently located self-storage units.

Preparing Your Items for Transport

Before you can start transporting your things, it’s important to neatly pack all of your items to avoid losing anything during the move. You can begin by placing all your things inside boxes to make it easier to organize everything, especially if you need to unpack anything once you reach the storage location.

To make things easier, don’t forget to label all your boxes so you can account for everything after the move. Mark any box with breakables with a “Fragile” label so that our moving crew will take extra care when transporting it. If you have to, you can wrap all such items in either paper or bubble wrap. Pack them tightly, filling any gaps with filler material to avoid any jostling during the trip.

You can also choose to disassemble any large furniture like beds or closets for easier transport. Just make sure to organize all the respective items’ parts together to make it easier to reassemble in the future. Don’t forget to place all items like screws and other detachable parts in one plastic bag and label them properly.

Also, choosing a sturdy box with the appropriate packing materials can help secure your items much better since prolonged transport can degrade box strength and might compromise the boxed items during the trip. It will also be useful to get boxes of similar sizes since it will make it easier to stack them securely inside the truck.

Tracking Your Belongings

We make it a point to keep all our communications lines open to keep you up to date on the status of your transported items. We provide real-time updates on the location of all our rental trucks as they move across the country. If you have any questions regarding your items in transport, don’t hesitate to call us. You can rest assured that your belongings will reach their destination safely as long as we’re on the job.

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